Brain Tool #3: The Mighty Hum

Play Daily with These Steps to Boost Your Brain:

1. Initiate a deep belly breath through the nose while feeling the soft palate rise gently upward
2. On the exhale, with lips gently together, lightly phonate a soft ”Mmm” humming sound for several seconds
3. Listen to your “Mmm” while imagining/feeling it buzz around the inside of your head & down your spine (i.e. do not “push” the hum sound forward and out; rather, it should feel like it is contained within the body, particularly the head & neck)
4. Repeat Steps 1-3, but close the eyes and gently plug the ears. This will give you the keen sensation of the concentrated vibrational power of an internalized hum.

Variations to the Mighty Hum to Develop Flexible Thinking:

1. Play with different pitches (phonating the “Mmm” a little higher and a little lower)
2. Imagine the hum traveling throughout the inside of the body
3. With eyes closed/ears plugged —  mentally direct the hum towards key stress points. Imagine the vibrations of the hum massaging and loosening tension in these key stress points
4. Experiment with #3 by using higher pitched humming for stress points in the upper half of the body & lower pitched humming for stress points in the lower half of the body
5. With the eyes closed and ears gently plugged, flex the lips forward & back as you hum. What differences are noticed? What affect does it have?

What’s Unique About This Brain Tool:

1. Humming is a fast, safe & effective way for you to re-energize both mind and body
2. Humming is a quick way to put you in the state “Alpha” state — the brain-wave state associated with relaxed alertness & optimal learning
3. Using the hum to massage key stress points gives YOU the power to reduce your stress, instantly!
4. Humming on various pitches is a great vocal warm-up prior to teaching or other types of public speaking
5. Humming on various pitches adds color & additional resonance to your speaking voice which greatly enhances oral communication skills, reading/writing fluency, comprehension and retention
6. Listening to your hum deepens you inhale & extends your exhale which improves digestion and strengthens the immune response