Brain Tool #23: Play

Play isn’t just for kids! It is our brain’s natural “flow” state and is essential for healthy living. Play is for ALL  ages!

Here are Some Ways You Can Add Play to Your Day to Boost Your Brain:

1. Push back the furniture, turn on some tunes, and DANCE!
2. Engage in a conversation — in gibberish!
3. Play tag, catch or hide n’ seek
4. Play charades
5. Make up ridiculous lyrics to a familiar melody
6. Create a drawing with someone — you start, they add to it, and continue until the paper is filled!
7. Finger paint, play in the mud, dig in a sandbox
8. Sing in the car at the top of your lungs!

What’s Unique About This Brain Tool:

1. Play adds vitality to your day
2. Play makes “work” enjoyable and more productive
3. Playing with others enhances relationships and bonding
4. Play fosters joyfulness
5. Play boosts creativity and problem solving skills
6. Play reduces stress and supports mental health
7. Play teaches cooperation and role-taking
8.  Play teaches self-control
Play develops both “intra” and “inter” personal intelligence

“[Play] is second only to being nourished, protected and loved. It is a basic ingredient of physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.”    — Ashley Montague