Brain Tool #21: Song-a-Doodle

For This BrainTool You’ll Need:

1. Blank paper (placed horizontally)
2. Pen & Pencil
3. Highlighter
4. Recording of your favorite song (on repeat mode)

Play With These Steps to Boost Your Brain:

1. Get comfortable in a quiet spot
2. Start your music  & begin to hum  along!
3. In the center of your paper,  jot down your favorite word or phrase from the song. You can also write the song title
4. As the song plays, continue to hum the melody while you doodle WHATEVER  comes to you! Let the words/melody motivate your flow
5. Once you’re done, take a look at your doodle. Highlight whatever “pops out at you”!
6. Reflect on your song-a-doodle experience. How did humming influence your doodling?

Song-a-Doodle Variations to Develop Greater Creativity:

1. Repeat the process with a strongly contrasting song
2. Song-a-Doodle with crayons, pastels or paint
3. Song-a-Doodle with your eyes closed

What’s Unique About This BrainTool:

1. Humming while doodling stimulates creative flow, improves oxygenation to your brain and stimulates your cortex
2. Combining text, humming and spatial configurations heightens communication between right and left hemispheres
3. Doodling enhances concentration and focus, while stimulating the flow of divergent ideas
4. Doodling while humming puts the brain in a state of “relaxed concentration” — optimal for learning and creativity
5. Doodling and humming reduce your stress!


What Are You Waiting For? Go Song-a-Doodle!