Brain Tool #20: Doodle

For This BrainTool You’ll Need the Following:

1. Blank paper & a pencil
2. Instrumental music of your choice

Play with These Steps to Boost Your Brain:

1. Start the music and get comfortable
2. Start doodling!  Keep your pencil moving on the paper as you engage in a continuous “doodling session” (without pause) for the duration of the music
3. Allow your pencil to guide your creativity rather than you guiding your pencil!

Doodle Acrostic for Creative Flow:
To support the creative flow, you may choose to use the M.U.S.I.C acrostic to expand your “doodle repertoire” ~

Modify your beginning doodles by size, shape, feature
Use utterly unusual doodles to expand your creativity
Scenically add to your doodle
Illustrate a different angle or “zoom-in” on part of your doodle
Connect and combine opposite images

What’s Unique About This BrainTool:

1. Doodling is a fun and accessible way to cultivate imagination
2. Doodling stimulates spatial thinking skills
3. Doodling enhances concentration and focus and is NOT a sign of inattention (Teachers – encourage your students to doodle while you teach!)
4. Doodlers remember 29% more detail vs. non-doodlers!
5. Doodling relaxes the conscious “thinking” brain while stimulating the “unconscious”, allowing creativity to emerge
6. Doodling while listening to instrumental music inspires greater imagination and supports the free-flow of ideas

Now, pick-up some paper, put on some music, and start doodling!