Brain Tool #2: Touch

Play Daily to Boost Your Brain:

1. Establish a deep abdominal breath, exhaling slowly
2. Using both hands, begin by tapping lightly on the torso synchronizing the tapping to your breath
3. Extend the tapping to other parts of the body
4. Gently squeeze joints, synchronizing with your breath by inhaling on the gentle squeeze, releasing the squeeze on the exhale
5. Return to your original tap pattern on the torso, while synchronizing your breath

Touch Variations to Develop Flexible Thinking:
1. Experiment with different speeds and qualities of touch (i.e. scratch, pat, brush, press, etc.) What are all the different varieties YOU can come up with?
2. Experiment with different rhythmic patterns across the body
3. Experiment with “keeping the beat” with your left hand, while creating a rhythmic pattern with your right hand
4. Return to your torso and your original Brain Tool tap pattern. What did you discover for yourself?

What’s Unique About this Brain Tool:
1. Touch synchronized to breath is one of the quickest ways to de-stress
2. Establishing a synchronized touch/tap pattern on the torso first, follows your brain’s natural  progression for rhythmic integration
3. Touch is essential to human bonding and sensory integration
4. Touch supports self-regulation, impulse control & proprioceptive awareness (your ability to know where your body is in space in relation to other people & objects)
5. Using both hands across the body synchronizes the left & right hemispheres of the brain
6. Experimenting with different types of touch strengthens your ability to think in multiple ways (referred to as “flexible” or “divergent” thinking) — an essential 21st century thinking skill!
7. Playing with rhythmic patterns on the body supports reading, writing & oral communication skills — which are all rhythm-based activities
8. YOU control the quality of touch according to your current needs, making this one of your most adaptable & effective Brain Tools to de-stress, self-regulate and focus!