Brain Tool #18: Wiggle-Giggle Stress Buster

Play Daily With These Steps to Boost Your Brain:

1. From a standing position, initiate a deep abdominal breath
2. Begin to wiggle the hips, torso & head
3. Extend the wiggle to include the arms and legs
4. As you wiggle, let out ANY vocal sound that comes to you! Resist the urge to edit, judge or “pre-plan”
5. Feel/hear/visualize your voice moving up & down the spine and through your head & limbs as you move
6. Feel the stress moving right out of your body and away from you as you “wiggle-giggle”
7. Return to position #1, plant the feet and breath from the abdomen

Wiggle-Giggle Variations to Inspire Flexible Thinking:

1. Wiggle-Giggle while lying on your side, knees slightly bent. Alternate sides
2. Wiggle-Giggle moving the voice from a low to high pitch and back down again
3. Gently wiggle-giggle key muscle/joint areas where you tend to collect stress. Feel the movement of your body and voice wiggling away the stress

What’s Unique About This Brain Tool:

1. Wiggling initiates a free-flow of energy throughout the body that results in a relaxed state
2. Wiggling & giggling  is a natural movement combo stemming from our childhood! Reconnecting to this innate form of movement naturally stimulates and energizes our nervous system — just as it did in childhood!

Specific To Children in the Classroom:

1. Wiggling is a NORMAL behavior that SUPPORTS attention and FOCUS! Children who wiggle in their seats are alerting their nervous system to focus. Sitting still with eyes fixed forward is NOT how we naturally focus!
2. With the increase in sedentary activities in the home and classroom, wiggle-giggle time is ESPECIALLY important in improving focus, alertness, relaxation and self-regulation!