Brain Tool #10: Vocal Siren

Play Daily with These Steps to Boost Your Brain:

1. In a standing or seated position, inhale through your nose feeling the soft palate gently rise
2. On the exhale, vocalize your lowest possible sound using the “UH” vowel, the jaw barely opened
3. Next, vocalize from low to high moving from the “UH” (low voice) to an “OH” (middle voice) to a gentle “WEE” (high voice)
Tip: The voice should gradually slide upward from low to high, similar to a “siren”.  Here’s an audio example: Low to High Siren
4. When the voice rises to the top, reverse the direction, vocally traveling back down to the low voice (i.e. “WEE” – “OH” – “UH” )
5. Ascending & descending sirens should ideally be done on one breath. Here’s an audio example:  Full vocal siren
6. Rest between sirens, by using a deep abdominal breath

Listening Variations to Develop Flexible Thinking:

1. As you initiate the vocal siren, close your eyes and imagine your voice spiraling up the spine in a rainbow of colors –  energizing the spinal column as you go!
2. HUM the siren on a light “MMM” instead of the “UH – OH – WEE” vowels. Here’s an audio example:  Hum Vocal Siren
3. The Silent Siren: Close your eyes and visualize/feel yourself doing the siren, BUT do it completely silently!
4. Pause and sustain the vocal sound briefly at different locations along the spine (take a breath between ascending/descending sirens, as needed)
5. Picture your voice as a water fountain, the sound shooting up and over the head (ascending siren), then brilliantly cascading around you as it “falls” (descending siren)
6. Imagine your voice/spinal column as a great big slide flute or trombone, as you siren up and down!

What’s Unique About This Brain Tool:

1. The vocal siren is a quick & easy way to warm-up the voice through the entire range while connecting vocal pitch to imagery along the central column (the spine)
2. Vocal sirens are an effective way to energize the entire spinal column
3. Vocal sirens are an effective way to expand the vocal range by exercising the ENTIRE vocal palette
4. The gradual ascending/descending arc of the voice creates an internal, vibrational massage that soothes and energizes simultaneously
5. The low vocal start, allows the lower energy centers of the body to ground and stabilize before traveling upward
6. The “Silent Siren” incorporates the ability to use “muscle memory” to access and reinforce the brain healthy benefits no matter where you find yourself!