Brain Tool #1: Breath

  Play Daily with These Steps for an Optimal Brain-Boosting Breath:
1.  Drop your shoulders
2.  Place your hands on your *belly, then ~
3. Inhale through your nose, allowing your belly to relax OUT against your hands
4.  Gently hold your breath for a few seconds
5.  Imagine yourself exhaling through a very skinny straw
6. Listen to the sound & quality of your exhale. Rinse and Repeat :)
(Note: Listening will help you to slow/deepen your exhale)

What’s Unique About this Brain Tool:
Hands on the belly connects you to your lower abdominal wall – KEY for rejuvenating your brain, grounding your breath & bringing balance to your adrenal system (reducing stress levels)

Gently holding of breath gives your brain & body a better chance to reboot and regroup

Listening to your exhale engages the auditory cortex, which “cues” the brain to slow-down, focus & filter-out mental “noise”

Additional Ways to Play with Breath:
Play & experiment with your breath using different lengths of inhale/exhale, imagery, color or texture variation. Play & Explore!

Movement of breath is an inner dance
Sound of breath is an inner symphony
Connect to breath anywhere, anytime


*Children can learn this brain tool by lying on their backs & placing a stuffed animal on their belly to connect to a low abdominal breath.